VGA HIS HD5970 2G RT temp?

Hello i just purchased 1 VGA HIS HD5970 2G RT i just want to be sure i know what the max temp :non: and normal temp is because i cant afford another one so i want to make this one last :D
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  1. Hey :)
    Well it depends on the room temperature and your case cooling but my idle temps are like 49-51c for idle and the max temp i saw was 84c under load.
  2. i have the coolermaster haf 932 my room temp is 27c is 84c 100% safe i have a temp alarm that i want to set is 84c good number to set?
  3. For 100% load,yes its a normal temp.You may want to set the alarm to 3-4 degrees more though.
  4. Personally, i don't like temps above 80'C for GPU... Yes, your card can stand above 100'C, but high temps would stress the card and probably shortened it's lifespan.
    What is your case? mid? micro? make sure you have a good airflow inside your case... :)
  5. Each card is different wa1 ,some cards raise more than 80c under load like 5970
    "We fired up FurMark and ran the stability at 1280x1024, which was enough to put the GPU at 100% load in order to get the highest load temperature possible. This application also charted the temperature results so you can see how the temperature rises and levels off, which is very nice. The Radeon HD 5970 maxed out at 86C"
    "At load, we see a similar but slightly different story. It’s no longer the coolest card, losing out to the likes of the 5850 and GTX 285, but at 85C it hangs with the GTX 275"
    "The operating temperature of the Radeon HD 5970 is well within acceptable levels, with an idle temp of 60 degrees. Under load the card heated up to 87 degrees"

    PS,the OP has a Coolermaster HAF 932(as he mentioned),which has a quite good cooling
  6. hmm hmm, okay Maz, you've brightened my mind, thanks for the info... :)
    Yes, the OP had already mentioned his case, my bad...
  7. No problem,no one likes high temps, but sometimes you can't do anything about it :D
  8. ok thanks fo all the info. just to be 100% sure if you had of have this 5970 card and can only afford the one would you put the temp alarm at 90c? and is it safe if it ever did reach that temp? because i dont want to ever allow it get to an unsafe temp.
  9. I don't think it will ever reach that temp but i would set the alarm for 90c because maybe under specific circumstances it may be over 84-85c,so its good to set the alarm to a few degrees more.
  10. ok so if it did reach 90c it wont hurt the card? just want to be 100% sure it lasts

    and thanks again i apreciate all the great help you guys provide i would be lost without the help you should be proud!!!
  11. Don't worry it won't hurt it.100c seems the maximum safe temp for a 5970,anything higher than that isn't good(But like i said,i don't think you can ever go further than 84-86c)
    "Increase the core frequency, you want to monitor GPU temperatures as the GPUs can rise to 100 Degrees C now ! In Overdrive increase GPU Core clock in 25 MHz increments. After each incremental clock frequency increase, hit apply. Keep an eye out on temperatures. 100 Degrees C is your limit.

    If you see artifacts either stop Furmark immediately or restart. If you system locks up, restart, repeat procedure and drop down at least 25 MHZ, preferably 50 MHz. Keep monitoring that temperature. Above 100 Degrees C is not okay at all -- the GPUs will automatically down clock if they are overheating past 100 Degrees C -- and with Furmark running for a couple of minutes, trust me .. they will."
  12. what is better two hd 5870s or one hd 5970?
  13. 2 5870s perform about 10-20% better than 1 5970, but i would go with 1 5970, because it runs cooler,quieter and has less power consumption; moreover, it requires one PCI-E slot and its cheaper too.
  14. ok thanks for all your help guys have a great day :)
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