Why do the lights and fans continue to flash after shutdown

Why do the lights and fans continue to flash on after shutdown? It boots up fine and everything appears to work as normal. I have an i7 - 860, 2- 4gb OCZ sticks of ram in duel mode (dim slots 1 and 3), 650w Coolmax ps, MSI P55A-GD55 mobo. I have the new 8 pin ATX power connected and a Cooler Master case. I'm guessing either the bios, ps or case power connections is/are the problem. Any thoughts? I'm trying a new ps later today. Next will be flashing the bios/updating the bios.
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  1. Sounds like stand by mode to me? How do you shut down your computer? Do you press the power button or do you click START and shutdown? If you press the power button to shut down like me then your advanced power configuration in Windows control panel might need to be changed.
  2. I am inclined to agree with SAAIELLO. Sounds like you are in standby mode. In addition to Windiows also check your power management settings in BIOS.
  3. I can only think of two things:

    1. You PC is possessed.
    2. There is an electrical short somewhere.

    In either case, I do not have the knowledge to help you. You either need pay a visit to a priest or PC repair center.
  4. if you click the start button, with win7 the shutdown button can be changed by clicking the little dropdown arrow next to it. You may need to change it back to shutdown.
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