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So I saw there was already a post on this, but it had been dead for 2 years without an answer, so I'm going to see if anyone has any ideas now. I have a homebuilt PC with a BioStar TForce TP45HP Motherboard and an Omega HT Striker 7.1 sound card. The system was working fine (as far as I remember) until I had the PC shipped for a summer internship. When I got it out here, I noticed that the sound card would not fit completely in the slot and be able to be screwed in at the same time. I am including pics of the screwhole when I have the card in all the way, hopefully you can see how there is no way for me to screw the hole on the PCI card into the hole in the case itself to secure it there (). While it isn't a HUGE issue (since I can just not screw it in), it would be nice to have the security of knowing everything is set up in the PC correctly. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  1. ur picture doesnt show :/
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