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When looking at graphic cards and seeing what brand to get i noticed something odd.
I wanted to get a 5770 and i know noting bout pc's, but i found it strange that not one person any where i read on any forum mention the actual ATI brand them self's the people who made the card, but HIS, Sapphire, XFX, etc etc. It's been bugging me now lol so ive made this post.
Whats wrong with the normal ATI brand, to the point its not even mentioned @.@
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  1. ATi no longer makes graphic cards themselves, they sell chips to vendors who market the products. Go for XFX if you want double lifetime warranty, otherwise Sapphire's special Vapor-X editions for cooling.
  2. Any brands would be good, they perform generally the same, the differences are on their warranty and cooler... :)
    XFX and Vapor-X(sapphire) = just like Lmeow said above...
    IceQ(HIS) = blow the hot air out of the case.
  3. Oh ok, then what brand is this? It just says ATI noting else on the box. @.@
  4. Probably some unknown vendor's card. Like Amaze or something.
  5. Don't take any risk with an unknown vendor card, get a trusted brand like Sapphire, XFX, ASUS, HIS, etc...
    Well, that's just me. :)
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