Question about spray painting an image onto my case?

Hey guys. So I'll be getting the NZXT Lexa S case soon and I'd like to spray or somehow add like an overlay or some sort of thing to basically add an image or skin to the case.

Kind of like the case here:

Doesn't have to be that sophisticated obviously but I was wondering if you guys knew how I could achieve something like this?

All suggestions and ideas are appreciated

Thanks for your time
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  1. if you were an accomplished artist,
    you'd already know what spraypainting a case design involved, So I'm guessing your not :P
    possibly your best option is some kind of vinyl sticker design but that limits you to what others have already created as stickers :(
    maybe a local design shop could do you something? promise to plug their services to try getting a discount :)
  2. Well you could start with a model airbrush kit like you would find in stores for Testors models and paints. Or go to your local hobby store for one. You might even find someone good at it who would work with you or do it for you saving you years in deveolping your skills. Another idea would be to place an ad for an artist on a craigslist type site.
  3. Stencils and spray cans. you can do pretty well with little proficiency. i plan to do something similar soon.

    just google the word stencil and whatever sort of design you want, there's almost certainly going to be one for it. just print it out and cut it up.
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