Freezeing Problems after buying new Video card

Hey everyone... I bought a new geforce 460 last week and ever sice then i have been locking up at random times. All I can think of is my power supply.. But im not 100% sure on it . Thought I would get a bit more insight before I went out and spent 200 on a new PSU...
Anyway thanks for the help in advance

Intel I7 920
Geforce 460 1 gig
corsair tx 650w silver rated psu
Mobo - asrock X58 Extreme
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  1. did u uninstall the previous driver(s)?
  2. Yes I did ... uninstalled old driver and installed new one from nvidia
  3. ur sure u downloaded the right drive right?
  4. Yes I am sure I downloaded the right driver.... 258.96
  5. my replacement card on monday turns out it was a bad card.... thanks for the help
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