Backing up different hard drives to different destinations

I want to backup my 2TB raid partition to my 2TB internal hard drive, and my 160GB SSD to my external 500GB HDD. Is there a way to do this with Windows Backup? I ask for Windows Backup since it's on every Windows 7 PC, but are there better backup programs I should be looking at?

Also my portable hard drive came with Buffalo Backup Utility. Is this a suitable backup solution?

If I can't use Windows Backup the way I described above, should I instead use 2 different backup softwares?

Will I only be able to restore the backups with the software I made them with?
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    The only way I know of to use the Win-7 BackUp & Restore applet to back up different drives to different targets, would be to manually change the settings each time.

    There are several different backup programs folks like. For your purpose, might consider Acronis True Image, where you can set it on individual schedules, a source to target image backup, or image then incrimental backup. You can even backup just My Documents, or Outlook, from a specific source to a specific target on completely different schedules.

    You can go into a TIB backup file type and extract individual files if you want.

    You would have to use the specific application to restore a propriatory backup file or image, for assurred functionality. Most can be restored from within windows, or with the purchased or downloaded and created ISO CD if Windows died.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. So True Image is the best backup software around then?
  3. It's one of them...
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