Acer Aspire L200 Fuzzy Screen on Boot up

Hi there,

Recently my when I switch on my Acer Aspire L200 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 160GB 512MB DVD-RW WLAN XP Media Center Edition the screen loads up with an unbarably fuzzy screen and cannot find the Operating System Disk and fails to go into windows.

Yet if I leave the machine switched on for say 3-5 mins and restart the machine everything loads up normally and the machine is fine no problems once in windows.

I have tried using another PSU with same results and can only guess that the on-board graphics is on its way out.

Can someone confirm this for me and also recommend a replacement motherboard I can use as I'm not to keen to replace the whole Media Centre case as it fits quite snugg under my TV in my lounge.

Cheers, Kalvin
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    Sounds like a motherboard issue right enough.

    Spent around 30min trying to track down a motherboard for you but came up blank.
    Only thing I can suggest is contact Acer and see how much of your life savings they want for a new board.

    Did find plenty forums / threads of people complaining about similar faults though so maybe worth trying another board if possible.

    Whats the make/ model of the board? possible to upload a pic of it?
  2. Thank you for helping...

    I dont know the make or model of the board but I can supply you with an image
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  4. Can't tell too much from the picture really :-/
    Best thing I can suggest is to take the machine to a local indepentant shop and ask them what they have that wil fit, god chance a standard Mini ATX board will do the job. If it does then you'll be looking at around £50-80
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