[HELP] System won't boot up.

After electrical power outage, my system won't boot up.

Here are the symptoms I have noticed.

1) When I power on, all the components including motherboard, graphic cards, hard-drive, CD-ROM, and fans get the power.
2) Monitor screen displays this message "No Signal", and does not display anything else.
3) I cannot get to the BIOS screen.

Here are some things I have done to fix the problem.

1) Unplug all the cables and perform hard reset on the computer. I've also waited few hours before plugging back the cables.
2) Replaced graphic card with different one (graphic card test)
3) Removed 3 RAM (3 x 2GB), and tried single RAM operation for each RAM(RAM test)
~ This is to test if any of the RAM was fried. Unless all 3 RAM were fried at the same time, this test failed. How likely is it for all 3 RAM get fried?
4) Replaced existing DVI monitor cable with another.

Based on few tests I have done above, I am assuming that the component that might have fried are listed below and I do not know how to check if they are fried or not. (Please tell me if you know how)

1) CPU
2) Motherboard
3) All 3 RAM at the same time

I am about to go to Micro Center to purchase these components, and replace each one by one, but this method is too costly just to do the testing.

I have computer project due in couple days, and I am about to cry. This is my first time dealing with this type of situation, and I would appreciate if any of you could give me your wisdom to resolve this issue.

FYI, components that I am using are listed in my signature. I built my rig about 2 months ago.
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  1. unfortunately you dont have a signature

    i am leaning towards the board/psu, see if you can get the ram and cpu tested by a friend
  2. Thanks Xaira for your reply.

    I have included my signature.

    I am wondering how it could be the PSU when all the components are getting their power. Would you recommend me getting a new PSU?

    Is there a way to test MOBO myself?
  3. Best answer
    uhm, is the bios speaker attached, one usual sign that the problem is the board is when there are no bios beeps, dont you have any IT friends? or just anyone with similar components
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