Best intel or asus budget motherboard for intel core i3?

i want to buy a new PC in coming two days....
my requirement is:
internet, movies, Photoshop CS4 (photo editing), Games...

Processor: Core i3
Motherboard: any asus or Intel budget M/B.(keep in mind that i will also buy a 21" LCD monitor, so mother board should be compatible for LCD monitor and Integrated Graphic Processing Unit of i3)
Ram: 2GB DDR3

so do i really need any separate/independent graphics while i3 has integrated GPU). and which mother board should i buy with for i3.
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  1. go for 67 chipset do not buy 61 chipset

    here are the model numbers

  2. that board he recommended will not let you use intel integrated gpu.......i think this board may be what your looking for......

    it has lots of good features.......will hook up to your monitor without a gfx card.....has igpu for an extra kick in the pants to intels ondie usb3 tho.......

    or for a full atx board with a ton of upgrade option for later this biostar has been get'n rave reviews......its a Z68 chipset which still allows use of on die gfx........and for a decent price too!!!

    but if thats beyond your budget here is the H67 version

    on a budget you cant really beat those biostars right now.....good features without paying for the asus name
  3. Intel DH67BL dont have vga ide and ps2
    have 8 usb , eSata , dvi-i , hdmi , s/pdif so choose which to buy
    i need dvi-i to vga converter bought new usb keyboard coz ps2 to usb converter dont work in game properly and new dvd writer so f@#king hell experience wont buy intel products again in my life
  4. Asrock Z77 Pro 3
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
    Asrock Z68 Extreme Gen 3
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