Recommend Me PSU

I am looking for following Models-

* Corsair VX550
* CMPSU-600G

Can u Guys suggest which one is better technically considering performance & Energy efficiency??

Currently My config is PhenomII & 2GB Rams & ATI Crossfire 4850 1GB each & 3xHDDs No intention of Overclocking

so which one is recommended for me
I knw PSUs I'm looking for may not be sufficient bt cnt exceed budget now

So pls help me out
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  1. the vx is better but could you give us a link as to where you buying from there are better that may be in your budget
  2. Corsair VX550

    Corsair and Seasonic are two brands that have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the newer models come with a 7 year warranty (in the USA).
  3. Amacrox Free Earth 85+ 650W is the best and cheap too (I can't find it in newegg but in my country it's only 65 USD)
    You can find its review here:
  4. PSUs manufactured by Seasonic are simply awesome because they simply have the best reputation for manufacturing high quality PSUs.

    Corsair's PSUs are manufactured by Seasonic and CWT. The Corsair VX550 is manufactured by CWT. They have a good reputation, but is overshadowed by Seasonic.
  5. Well, OK. You don't need me. :)

    But I agree with Johnny. A Corsair 550VX (or other similar high quality PSU) will power any CPU with any single GPU.
  6. JohnnyLucky said:
    Corsair VX550

    +1.. Don't skimp on the PSU.. A good PSU will last you probably more than any of the other system components.. Thus, any investment made on that front is perfectly wise and highly recommended..
  7. ^Until you get an SSD!
  8. @ all thnx for ur quick & kind help

    @ obsidian86- Not buying Online Going to purchase from Local Store

    @ JohnnyLucky- Ok !! VX 550, but why not CMPSU 600G- It belongs to Corsair only & additional 50W(any use of a 50W?...stupid quest. :)) 600G is newly launched & as part of Gaming series psu's from corsair as stated in description, it is availoable for same price but.....but sadly only 3yrs warranty compare to 5yr of VX.....dts the only diff.?

    @hasappra- Not available in my country

    @jaguarskx- TYFS bt seasonic got Poor AAS (after sales service) here compare to Corsair which is praised by a lot of Users of Corsair Products. USA & some European countries r greatest when it comes to After Sales Servicing of IT Products. Hope we to will get such.....

    @ jsc - What are ur thoughts on CoolerMaster GX Series?? which were launched to compete Corsair's VX

    @ Emperus - Yes sir, Since I realized it 3yrs ago I throw out Money Buying good PSUs but currently its just not Fitting in Budget; was planning to buy 650w or 700w psu bt :(:(

    @blackhawk1928- No to SSDs till 3-4yrs so is my choice is enough?
  9. The g series is the corsair lowish line they are ok but not as good as the vx,tx line .the only thing you can consider from cooler master is the silent pro series
  10. Frankly speaking the Corsair VX450W watts would be enough to handle a HD4850 and all the other things you throw at it. I have almost a similar config, only thing is i have Intel. There's no need for the VX550W.
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