Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W or XFX P1-650X-CAG9 650W

There are two good deals for these PSUs and the ram I would like to get for my new gaming build. Does anyone have experience with either of these? I noticed the antec has 3 rails and the XFX has 1 and am going to probably be OCing in the future. Also I've never really heard of XFX so was leaning toward branded but have read 1 rail is better then 3. Thanks for your help...

Also just found a sweet deal for this PSU as well...
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  1. The XFX units are all designed and built by Seasonic who make high quality units for themselves and others like antec and corsair. The EA650 is about $20 cheaper, while the XFX has 52A on the 12V rail compared to the EA650's 45, 80+ silver, and is modular.

    What graphics card are you going to be using in your system? If you are going to want to SLI 2 GTX 460s i would definitely go for the XFX for the extra power, but if saving $20 on the PSU can let you upgrade the GPU go for the EA650.
  2. wow you're good... going to get a GTX 460 would like to SLI another in the future....

    would you happen to know if I can do that with this board?
  3. Didnt see the rosewill the first time through, for only a $10 difference i would go for the XFX over the rosewill, more powerful, modular, and more efficient is worth $10 to me, but $20 it starts to depend on your situtation.

    Also, please stop using the URL tag like that, its just breaking your links, either put text of link or just post the link, but the way you are doing it makes me have to copy paste the text and thats just annoying.
  4. You arent going to be able to SLI on that board without modding drivers and whatnot, i dont recommend it. If you want to be able to SLI the easiest and simplest way is through an i5 build on a LGA 1156 motherboard that supports SLI, all you need to change is the CPU and motherboard and the price should come out similarly.

    SLIing GTX 460s is all the rage today so i figured that might be your plan too.
  5. sorry about that didn't realize links were broken fixing them now...
    thanks for your help here and in the other thread about the internal HD as well....

    I was trying to stick with the am3 socket for future compatibility but have also been looking into an i5 build
  6. Thats fine, just figured we should get your link issues straightened out to make everyones life easier.

    We have no idea if AM3 will be compatible with bulldozer yet, and if you do an i5 build now, you can throw in an i7 860 down the line for a slight boost when you need it, that will probably hold you out for atleast 3 years from now, by then i find it unlikely that any current motherboards will support any of the processors getting released. A GPU upgrade like adding a second in SLI is likely to be more helpful in extending the life of your machine than a CPU upgrade, right now an i5 750 is enough CPU for just about every game out there, most titles are GPU limited at high resolutions so i would consider the GPU upgrade path a priority over CPU upgrade.
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