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I was told by my computer teacher that current SSD's face the trouble of the way they write data to the memory to one block and then when it gets full it moves on to the next and he said sometimes the blocks go bad and you lose your data. I'm not sure if this is true or not so I'm asking the community.

If this is true. Can you recommend me a drive 240gb range to replace my Intel 520 120gb (it has 13.3 gbs left D:) and this new drive won't have this problem.

First choice Intel (I really like the drive I have, updating is painless, etc. )
2nd: Corsair
3rd: Crucial
4th: OCZ: Never had much to trust OCZ but I'll put it up there if it comes to that

Price isn't a factor just as long as the drive doesn't have any cons
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  1. Any good recommendations then?
  2. I can recommend the Samsung 830, it is fast and reliable. But the Intel 520 is also a fine drive.
    The drive usually recognizes blocks before they corrupt and replace them with spare blocks. Most SSDs have 7% or more capacity spare for performance and reliability.
  3. Samsung 830 or Crucial m4.
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