Need graphics card that takes/covers 1 slot

hi all,
i bought an asus soundcard d2x and i had to remove my old 9800gtx to fit it in as it took the only 2 pci slots i had..
i really like the sound but now i need a better graphics card that takes up 1 slot, atm im using and the moment (ati 4350)
if its any help, i have 2 AGP slots free that i can use.
thanks all for your help! :D
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  1. Perhaps an adapter can solve it.
  2. What type of adapter?
  3. AGP to PCI-E/PCI adapter.
  4. Be aware, single slot card is produce more heat than a dual slot card...
    Are you a gamer? If yes, you must avoid a single slot card...
    Could you clarify your motherboard, it has a PCIE slot or AGP?
  5. Wait you meant PCI not AGP right? Because the 9800 GTX+ is a PCI-e card.

    As for the card you're looking for, there is a single slot GTX 260 by Galaxy called the GTX 260+ Razor Edition although I'd think they'd be quite hard to find now. There are also some 9800 GT single slot editions.

    The GTS 250 kikireeki mentioned is single slot, although the cooler is double-slot spaced, so it won't really work.
  6. single slot cards gets heated up easily...
    use a pcie riser and use double slot cards....
  7. I'm using this motherboard

    I've changed the power supply to 650W, the rest is the exact same as in the pic above.

    It has 2 pci-e slots under each other and basically i bought a D2X Soundcard and had to remove my 9800gtx cos it took up 2 pci-e slots..

    I've got 2 AGP slots, they are free so i thought they could be some help?

    And i game sometimes, not heavy though but would be good to have something decent.

    Really interested in the pcie riser, how does it work?

    Many thanks all, really appreciate your help! :)
  8. ...

    i can't see it clearly...
    Can't you just show us th elink for your motherboard? from the manufacture site...
  9. sorry, but the pics in the link you posted are useless
    why do not just take a pic of your case in the current setup?
    and btw it is PCIE not AGP I think!

    and regarding the heat, I have GTS 250 single slot in my pc and the temps are 35-39c idle and 44-49c full load ambient ~28c and it is slightly overclocked. The case is well ventilated with 4 fans.
  10. dude u have 1 pcie 16x, 1 pcie 1x and 2 pci slots...
  11. that sound card is plugged in to pcie 1x
    and you have pcie 16x slot free... but no space between them... thats the situation, right?
    you can use a pcie riser and plug in your card...
  12. Yea thats it, i'l go for the pcie riser then, anything i should know before buying 1? Any useful links? And where shall i buy it from? Thanks!
  13. pcie riser might add some latency... dont know it it affects your performance...
  14. As Lmeow said GTX 260 razor edition would be great choice, even though its not last generation card without dx11 support. But i dont think you'll b able to find any of these.

    From what available on the market right now performance wise i'd say reference hd4850 would be your best choice:

    It gets pretty hot though and it's not dx11 card, but in your case i think it will do the job. And Visiontek is a good choice cause they have lifetime warranty for their cards.
  15. but just take care of the temps..
    its gonna run hot
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