Does a fast Hard Drive Really matter?

I was wondering if a fast hard drive really matters in gaming? Like is their a big difference between a 32mb cache and a 64mb cache? This goes along with whether I should get a Western Digital Caviar Blue or Balck.
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    The answer is..... "depends"

    If the majority of the info a game needs can be held in memory... and/or it can cache stuff in the background.... a fast hard drive in actual play can make little difference. However, a faster hard drive will obviously load the game in the first place faster... and if the game is "big" and needs regular and significnat data transfers to/from disk... it will obviously make a difference.

    With a modern PC... the drive can often be the bottleneck in getting things done in general use....

    So in my opinion... its a false economy to cut corners on your hard drive.
    So go black if you can... otherwise go blue... both are good drives... and IIRC, the Black has 5 year warrenty... blue has 3? but TBH... you dont want it fail in the first place...

    (Other opinions are available)
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