PC rebooted, all fans went max speed?

My computer just rebooted for no reason, and all the fans seemed to kick into high speed. It didn't actually reboot though, just kind of stayed black (like before the mb logo pops up). Had to manually turn it off. Seems fine though now.

Anyone have a clue what it might be? One of my case fans died recently, but I wasn't doing anything intensive and heat really isn't an issue as I still have 4 other case fans.

Win7 64x
8gig ram
ATI sapphire 4870
E8400 Wolfsdale
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  1. What's your PSU?
  2. Think it's a corsair 600w, might be 750. Orange and black non-modular.
  3. That'd be a Corsair TX750W, which should be more than adequate...'

    Have you overclocked the system or anything? And how are the temperatures looking for the E8400 & HD 4870? (Just to be safe)
  4. Haha..

    Well it's cold as hell in my room.

    I'm walking around with a blanket and I can feel the static building on my body.

    Think this is what happened. lol..
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