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I just got a new hard disk to replace the old one that died on me. It was the very first hard disk that ever died on me so I didn't know that the ticks were signs of doomsday. lol But yea, the new hard disk is still within the 15-day exchange policy of the store, and right now I'm just trying to make sure things are flying as it should.

The hard disk is making these scratch noises, but consistent scratch noises which I reckon right now is when it does IO. Or am I wrong here? Did I get a bad one? So far, I haven't heard of the ticks I used to hear from the late hard disk. Is it suppose to be really quiet? I'm on a laptop so I guess I can hear things a lot closer than when everything is on a case.
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  1. Sorry for the really late reply. I was trying to see how the sound would progress. The sounds aren't as violent as the ones on that link, or the ones I've been hearing on youtube. Although, the closest thing I could hear from that link was the last Fujitsu drive, but again less violent. I remember that being the sound of the old dead hard drive though.

    Mine is similar to the last Fujitsu drive but with finer and more quiet sounds. I just used to hear it on boot-up, but now I can hear it pretty often, although not all the time but often enough.

    I'm hoping to get some opinions about this on whether it's normal or not. I tried running HD Tune and did a quick block test and ran the benchmark for a few seconds just to put on some load on the disk IO and I'm not getting the same sounds I'm worried about so I was thinking it couldn't be IO or anything like that but possible a real sign of doomsday.

    I wonder if HDDs are suppose to have a consistent sound all through out, bar the plate spins.
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