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hi does anyone know how much exactly the Palit Geforce 9800GT Green Edition power consumption is? i can't find the previews of this card to see how much power during Idles,fully load,etc... cause i'm planning to upgrade to PowerColor HD5770 one with 1x of PCI x6 power pins required but i don't know if it well run to my Generic 600watts PSU since i'm using 9800Gt Green Edition but i seen some previews of Geforce 9800GT the normal not green ones which it uses a little bit high than HD5770?

here's the screen shot of my PSU
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  1. I reckon the HD 5770 should run fine, it has 26A on the 12V rail which should be enough for it. The 9800 GT Green Edition would run fine on that too I'd suppose.
  2. The HD5770 would need around 8amps, you'll be just fine.
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    8 amps??(scratching behind the heat)

    It think more, but my power supply has 2 rails a 14 and 15 amps and i ran an overclocked CPU and a video card that i overclocked and ran stable.(check my member configuration) CPU and RAM still overclocked but the card is stock now because i do not need more.

    You will be fine with your power supply, but anyway in the near future i recommend to buy a good brand power supply because the generic ones are not that great in terms of stability and reliability.

    Also if you power supply does not have a 6 pin power connector you can just use the one that came with the card. It will run fine.
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