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Hey guys, Ive got a question for you all, so Ive got a pretty high end gaming rig (Check my info) however since I switched over to the Silverstone Strider 1000W from my old Corsair 750 TX What would happen is when I go to shutdown the computer the display goes out before the computer shuts down, then a couple seconds later the system dies, and then a fe seconds later restarts to not give me an error message or anything and restart into windows. I am running overclocked and it seems to be pretty much stable took a couple hours on Prime 95 as well. SO anyway before I could just change a few of the voltages in the bios for the mobo or proc and it would fix the restarting issue. However just recently I dropped in my old GTX 260 for physx acceleration and now it seems no matter what I do the system will always restart as it did in the old fasion, help me please!
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  1. Keep in mind that your problems started after you replaced the Corsair. One of the basic rules of troubleshooting a formerly working upgraded computer is to stop and back up to a previous working configuration.

    First, strip out everything that you do not need to boot. Remove the overclock. Reinstall the Corsair PSU.

    Test. If it works, add the second video card. The Corsair has enough reserve capacity to run both video cards. Now, add the CPU overclock and retest.

    If the system is good, change the PSU. I suspect the problems will start showing up here.
  2. alright, sounds good, that is alot of work tho i have warranty at a local store that is over the counter replacement do you think they would just give me a new one? also could it just have to do with the power good signals not matching up or something, i will try what you suggested but do you have any more insight?
  3. The other thing to which i forgot to mention is I believe I started having these probelms after i put in the silverstone and a day or two later i went to vista sp2 could there be complications with that? can i reinstall sp2 incase it got corrupted somehow on install?
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