Why cant windows 7 play pc games without crashing?

I have windows 7 64 bit on an asus computer with a processor of intel core 2 quad and when i had windows vista, i could play my downloaded games with ease. However, everytime i try to play it now, the screen either blacks out and restarts or the blue screen pops up. I dont know why this is happening. Any suggestions?
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    Have you updated your video drivers? I have 64 bit Windows 7 and can play every game running it, that I could running under Windows Vista.
  2. What does Event Viewer say ?

    What do dump files indicate ?

    How did you move from Vista to Win 7 ?
  3. How can i update my video drivers?
  4. i do not know how to use event viewer and i do not how to check what the dump files indicate

    i moved from vista to windows 7 through an upgrade CD which was provided by ASUS
  5. Go into the device manager and expand Display Adapters. List any devices shown in that section so we can tell you what drivers to install.

    With regards to the dump files, go to C:\Windows\minidump and add any .dmp files into a zip archive and upload it to something like MegaUpload. Post the link here so we can download and analyze the dumps to determine the error codes, and ultimately the cause, of your bluescreening issue.
  6. Under display adapters, it contains NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 and LogMeIn Mirror Driver

    Regarding the dumps, i got to the minidump folder, but i when i tried adding them to a zip archive, its telling me access denied. C:\Windows\Minidump ; I am not entirely sure on what link you want me to send.
  7. There's really no other way to explain it. Upload the zip file (once you are able to create it) to a site like MegaUpload. It will give you a link to the file you uploaded. Paste that link here so we can get the dump files to analyze them.

    I do find it strange that you can't access the dumps though. Right click on the Minidump folder and go to Properties. Go to the Security tab and click the Advanced button. Select the Owner tab, and click the Change button. Click Edit, select your account and click Apply.

    For your video driver, download the latest one from
  8. I downloaded the newest video driver from However, i still can not add any of my .dmp files into a zip archive even with selecting my account, so therefore i cannot upload it and send you the link.

    Today as i was performing an everyday task (accessing the internet), and the computer froze. Along with playing PC games, it freezes when i do simple tasks. I have a google gadget which tells me how how memory i use up in all my cores, ram and computer. Whenever it freezes performing everyday tasks, the ram is up in the high 90s, so i think somehow my ram is increasing.
  9. Hmmm.... memory leak from an installed application?
  10. memory leak? Is there any way that i can check which application is causing this memory leak?
  11. Look in the Processes tab of the Task Manager for anything using an unusually high amount of ram.
  12. Firefox for some reason is around 130,000 K which seems to be unusally high. Is there any way i can get the 64 bit version of firefox. If so, can the 64 bit version take up less memory than the 32 bit one?
  13. 64bit versions of apps typically take up a hair bit *more* memory but can allocate more if needed. Obviously 130MB is already too much, so going 64bit won't help.

    I've always seen firefox use 130MB-500MB of memory, but that was with older versions. I use Chrome now.
  14. Sorry, I should have been a bit more specific...

    Unusually high means in the neighborhood of 1,000,000 KB for something like Firefox, or another application that's not supposed to use that much ram. The most common exceptions to this of course, are programs like VMware, which use ram based on how much you assign to guest OS environments.
  15. Oh, in that case i do not have a memory leak. I performed a memory diagnostic and it found no problems. I think it might have been with the video drivers. However, my computer has frozen once after downloading the video driver so I am still not entirely sure what the problem is. Is there any other way for me to prevent blue screen and freezing problems?
  16. List your full specs and if you have overclocked your cpu/gpu
  17. as you can see, im a complete newbie to this kind of stuff so whatever you just said made no sense to me haha
  18. Today, while trying to play a PC game, my monitor lost connection with my pc somehow. It said there was no signal coming from the pc as if the pc was off. What should i do?
  19. Everybody knows how to use google, so:

    google, gpuz and cpuz, download and install them both, then post here what all the information found on the first screen's of them app's.

    Next in cpuz, click on the motherboard/mainboard tab and post here your motherboard spec.


    Google: Hardware ID or Belarc hardware advisor, download and install.

    Post here your spec's in full.
  20. it says there is a downloading both of them
  21. I am also having a win 7 32-bit but cant even play any game in this new win 7 everygame crashes, video drivers all the other software are updated

    Please update
  22. I have a Problem with Winddows 7 Ultimate... plzzzzz HELP ME

    I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 15 R laptop.I have a 4GB RAM, 500 GB HD, 1 GB Nvidia Graphic card,and 64 bit Windows 7 ultimate but cant play games like: GTA, All NFS, CS 1.6, Harry Potter Quidditch, Call Of Duty etc

    Plsss help me.... give all tips HOW to check RAM space, clean RAM, Check drivers installed properly... Any n every tip to enhance performance of windows 7

    Plzzz HELP
  23. download speccy which is a free computer software reader which tells you about your computer from ram to graphic cards worth the look
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