Where to download the "3ds Max Space Flyby" scene, for CPU testing

Hi- we have a good sized render farm, (16 quad core computers) which we will soon be upgrading, and would like to test our current CPUs against Tom's numbers. This would be very helpful in determining how to best upgrade/etc.

I've looked around, but can not find a download link/etc to the benchmark scene that is used by Tom's. If anyone (specifically a Tom's employee :D ) could toss me a download link, it would be much appreciated! We have tried several different benchmarks, all of which come out differently on our computers (yet same CPU) than the tom's numbers. Obviously I'm not talking exact seconds, but comparison between different CPUs...ie, in one benchmark, a Athlon II 620 beats an older Q9300, in others, it the Q9300 wins out...

Would be great if we could test with the same scene you use for the charts!

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  1. how about maybe downloading the latest furmark offering?
    just re-run it with each set up you want to
  2. Thanks Moto- we are really looking for exactly the same benchmark though. The big idea is to compare our computer's render time to what Tom's has, CPU to CPU. Partially due to curiosity (does our diff mobo/hdd/ram make any significant difference?) but mainly because we'd like to have the benefit of comparing directly to such a large database, there's no way we could buy alll those chips, and all the new ones as they come out.

    thanks though!
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