Unbeatable build I am thinking for less than $2000

For last few week I read many articles from internet and find this build is excellent to me. If you have any suggestion please let me know, otherwise I feel it is unbeatable build for now.

i7 930 | Performance price wise
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit | Price performance wise
Asus P6X58D-E | Support USB/SATA 3.0 and cheap. also prefer Asus brand.
Sparkle GTX 460-1024 Super Clocked x2 SLI | Price performance wise. some other brand like EVGA OC has high noise.
Corsair 850TX Power Supply | Quality, Stability. 750W model seems have issue with Asus P6X58D-E board for some people
Corsair H50 CPU cooler | Performance, weight and quiet
Corsair TR3X6G1600C8 6GB 1600Mhz | Performance, price, quality and compatible with P6X58D-E
Corsair 64 GB Nova Series SSD | reducing load time for OS and your primary game in pc. some brand provides an unreal spec
WD Digital Caviar Black 1TB Hard Drive | Cheap SATA 3.0 disk.
LEXA S Crafted Mid Tower Chassis. | Nice look (personal feeling). 4-5 fans with low noise. but need some skill to install H50.
Logitech Internet 250 Keyboard and Mouse | Just cheap.

without monitor, this system cost about $1900 or less when you could buy them online without pay tax. I feel this build could easily beat Dell $3500 build. Suggestion is real appreciated.
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  1. You might want to take a look at this set of RAM.


    Also how about this PSU? The XFX Black Edition 750W is rated higher for efficiency at 80+ Silver, and is modular which will help considerably with cable management. It is $20 more, however, 750W is more than enough for HD 5850 CFX. If you're not concerned with cable management, then stick with the Corsair TX850W.


    And instead of that GTX 460, this HD 5850 is actually quite well priced - and has MSI's Twin Frozr II cooler which performs quite a lot better than stock, and is only $30 - $40 more than the 1 GB GTX 460s. It will also overclock more than a regular HD 5850 would as well.


    If you want much faster write speed then you'll want something like the OCZ Vertex 2 50 GB or 60 GB.

    Otherwise it does look good.
  2. Lmeow, I real appreciate your suggestion. below is what I thought

    1. Stable ram is more important. in real world test, Latency 7 ram isn't real faster than any L8 by noticeable level.

    2. XFX Black Edition 750W definitely is a good PSU beside its power cable for mbo is short. However for a similar price, I will keep Corsair 850TX as best PSU for the choice. Corsair 850TX has about x10 none OEM customer base than XFX's

    3. if only use 1GPU. I may consider HD 5850. to balance GPU and CPU capability for game I have to use dual GPU. so when compare SLI vs CF. 460 definitely is better choice from performance/price point of view. MSI has a poor quality reputation also. $50 is the price difference between 4601G and 5850 with same quality vendor

    4. OCZ definitely has a wrong spec for its SSD production. Most review shows its product can't provide the speed as its claimed but one benchmark.

    beside compare the spec, vendor reputation is one of big fact for my perfect build. if you have more input please let me know.
  3. the corsair 850tx is non-modular which is a serious pain in the but.
  4. Somebody_007 said:
    the corsair 850tx is non-modular which is a serious pain in the but.

    not sure if it is worth to throw additional $40 for a modular PSU. anyone has more idea on this? if you see my memory selection, I dont even select Dominor series all because the cost point of view.
  5. If you're not worried about managing the cables then yeah it's not worth any more IMO. Modulars are NICE when you want cables out of the way and airflow at its best.
  6. IMO get the xfx as modular is REALLY helpful
  7. I have the XFX 750, fantastic PSU. Your comment about the mobo power cord is dead-on though, the 8-pin power cord just barely makes it to the 8-pin slot on the mobo, and I mean barely. This is with a Gigabyte UD3R mobo and HAF 922 case.
  8. same issue with my corsair psu however
  9. advantage for modular PSU is cable management. however there may some disadvantage.

    1. Modular cables and connector may add electrical resistance. even 1om increase may add 10W additional load which could burn the connection.
    2. you have chance to lose your cable since cable isn't stored in pc case.
  10. Not that great of a build. I'd look at something more like this (checking the combos):

    CPU/Mobo: i7-930 and Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R $484. The board is just as good as the Asus, but cheaper.
    RAM: Corsair XMS3 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $150 after rebate. Only $5 to get some sticks that are slightly faster. I'd say it's well worth it.
    GPU: HD 5970 $630 w/ promo code. Can't beat it. Period. Especially at this price.
    SSD: Intel X25-M 80 GB $208. Can't beat it for quality.
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $75. Just as fast as the WD, but cheaper. SATA III doesn't matter for standard HDDs and never will.
    PSU: XFX 850W $130 after rebate. A great quality PSU. Can also substitute for a Corsair (non-modular) and save $10 or spend $20 (I think) for the modular Corsair.
    Case/OS: HAF 922 and Windows 7 $180. A much better case. It's easily the best on the market. It's also one of the few cases in this price range that will fit the 5970.
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $18
    HSF: Noctua NH-D14 $90. The best cooler around. It's definitely better than that cheap water cooler.

    Total: $1,965. If that's too much, leave out the SSD until the prices are reasonable.
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