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P35 DS3L - PCI Devices Listing hangs on ACPI Controller

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May 29, 2011 2:20:26 PM

Yes, i have one topic in "all motherboards" section, but there is no replies, and i need my PC reaaaaaaly hard.


As in the topic, my PC doesnt wants to co-operate with me. :ange: 

Palit GTX275 896mb;
2x1GB Kingston 667Mhz; + 2new memkits ive bought 2 days ago 2x2GB Kingston 667mhz
Gigabyte P35-DS3L;
Chieftec 650W

Since yesterday i got Win7 home basic 64bit, everything was fine, i could play games, work, etc etc.

I turned off the PC and now, i cant turn him on again. Its just not booting properly, it hangs on "PCI Devices Listing" screen on ACPI Controller.

Ive already tried to reset CMOS, swap memkits, etc, nothing helps.

Does any1 can help me? Or should i give my PC to the "PC store" and let them fix it - i hope so.

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a b V Motherboard
May 29, 2011 4:06:57 PM

Hi there,

Try to be more specific as to any problems you had in installing Windows-7, and what other programs or applications you installed after Windows 7 was working. If you installed the 64 bit version, all drivers have to be signed and windows 7 certified. Did you by chance as Administrator install any drivers that weren't certified with older programs like a game? Also were you able to shut down your computer and reboot it previously, or was this the first time you shut it off, and then restarted it?

There are 6 phases in the StartUp process, BIOS, Initial StartUp, Boot Manager, Boot Loader, Kernel Phase and LogOn phase. There are certain tools for each phase you can use to check or correct a problem.

I am assuming you can get to the splash screen since you can reset the BIOS, but I am not aware of a PCI Device Listing screen in the process.

Guideposts in the StartUp process are, the splash screen, the text "Operating System Loading, "Windows is Starting", The LogOn screen, "Welcome" and of course the desktop.

An important point is if your system hangs before the "Windows Is Starting" screen or after it.

If you can't ID any specific problem, you can always boot from the Windows 7 DVD, and wait for windows 7 setup to load, put in your region, keyboard layout, next, then click on Repair Your Computer, and on the System Recovery Option dialog box, choose StartUp Repair and follow the prompts.
May 29, 2011 5:23:26 PM

Ok. i should be more specific, im sorry my fault.

Well, the "PCI Device Listing" screen is right after the splash screen. Before the window "Windows Is Starting".

About the drivers ive installed on Win7, ALL of them were certifed.

The one game ive also installed on my PC was "The Witcher 2" so.. its compatible with Win7.

Besides, ive dowload Mozilla Firefox (newest ver.), avast free AV and a.. thats all i guess. Got no more time for DLing anything more.

"Also were you able to shut down your computer and reboot it previously, or was this the first time you shut it off, and then restarted it? "

It was a first time.
There were ofc some restarts during the Win7 installation, but i didnt shut down the PC for a longer time.

So, shall i try to follow your advice and use the System Recovery Option?
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a b V Motherboard
May 29, 2011 11:19:25 PM

Hi again,

I've not seen a "PCI Device Listing" screen. Might describe what is on that screen and if it just stops there. It may be you will need to adjust the BIOS to disable or enable PCI devices. Do you have any PCI devices you installed onto you MB, like a dialup modem, or PCI video card? Might look in the BIOS and see if there is a listing of PCI and PCI-e that may need attention or we could help you with.

Right after the Splash screen, that you see for 15-30 seconds, should be a text screen saying "Operating System Loading". Immediatly after the spash screen disappears the Boot Manager Phase runs, then the Boot Loader Phase where the OS begins to load. You don't see "Starting Windows" with the colored icons?

Since it booted up initially (the reboots are normal), sounds like the OS loaded and drivers and services loaded successfully. Possibly one of the two programs you installed after are the problem, but you can't boot up to uninstall them.

Report on the above items to see if they give someone an idea. Otherwise I'd go ahead and run the DVD "recovery environment" and see if the StartUp Repair troubleshooter will find (lists at bottom of its dialog box the root cause and repair steps it took) and Repair the problem. Widows 7 has some 23 different Troubleshooters built in to get you going again, which can be very helpful.

In the meantime I'll see if I can find any info on you MB BIOS screens.
May 30, 2011 5:17:31 AM

Hmm, for now i cant make a picture of that screen, but ive found one similar to mine on the internet:

Ill try to get a camera, and make my own.

Anyway. On 1 PCI slot i have Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE and on PCI-ex my graphic card GTX 275.

"You don't see "Starting Windows" with the colored icons? "
No, i dont see that screen, my PC hangs on screen just before that one.
May 30, 2011 7:00:20 AM

Its not a problem with Win7. Ive tried to fix it with "recovery" option, but it wants me to chose device with drivers for the Hardware.
I do have a USB HD with drivers, but PC is just not seeing it.

Anyway, i thought that maybe i will reinstall Win7. So i booted PC again from the CD and started to reinstall Win.
Everything was fine, till the first reboot. PC still hangs on PCI screen.

What i noticed, is that the computer is working veeery slow. During the installation progress my CD-rom and HDD were working for 1-2 minutes, then 1-2 minutes break, and again and again.

For now, my PC still hangs on the PCI screen.
May 30, 2011 8:56:24 AM

Now it gets even more odd.
I am still reading about my problem on the internet. Ive read, that one guy just switched his keyboard and mouse, so i did it. But now.. during the booting, on the "PCI screen" there is short msg [A disk read error occured, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to restart]

I gues i wont handle it by myself. Im worried that my HDD can be damaged. I think im getting my PC to a pro service, maybe they will fix it.

If they would fix it, ill be back here on forum with results.

Rly thank you John_VanKirk for your help.

Sorry for triple posting, but i cant "edit" my posts, there is an error.

a b V Motherboard
May 30, 2011 3:55:49 PM

Couple other thoughts you might try before taking it to a pro shop,

Check your BIOS version in the BIOS. The latest for your MB is if F9. Read about it if you haven't flashed a BIOS previously so you feel comfortable updating the BIOS. If you do,use QFlash, NOT @BIOS (which requires a GUI anyway). Possibly it needs a more current BIOS version to work with Win-7. If you do, then choose "Load Optimized" in the BIOS afterward, save and reboot.

Take out the Audio Card, use the green plug in the back for your audio, reinstall Win-7, and see if your Creative Labs Audio Card is the problem. You can always install it after Win-7 is working. That's in a PCI slot.

Use just the two new memory sticks you purchased, rather than all 4. They are not a matched set which potentially can cause problems. (It's probably not the cause here but better to not introduce potential problems until you get it going)

Finally, are you booting Win-7 from an external USB drive, rather than an internal SATA or PATA drive?
And did you install the MB drivers after Win-7 was up and running. You may well need one of the firmware drivers there to boot up properly after Win-7 is installed. Don't install all the other "fluffy" applets such as Easy Tune and ExpressRecovery and Smart6 Gigabyte puts on the CD, in that they can also cause problems.

If you do take it in to the shop, let up know what the problem was so everyone can learn from your experience.

a c 178 V Motherboard
June 1, 2011 1:31:08 AM

Just an aside here - the 'ACPI controller' thing is generally a red herring - it just happens to be the last thing the BIOS displays before it 'fires up' the actual hardware, so the message 'hangs around' to confuse you...

It's typically a boot disk problem (might try an MBR repair); this can be confirmed by entering the BIOS, and setting your CD/DVD to boot first, then slipping in a bootable (like a MemTest disk, or Win installer) - if it boots right up to the CD/DVD, your boot drive is the problem!
June 1, 2011 6:07:27 AM

Well, for now its not even booting from CD/DVD, USB HD, nothing.
I left my pc in the "pro shop". The guy in the shop is about to check my DVD, HDD then the MB. Ill post results here, for other ppl.