How do I maximally coordinate Hyperthreading in i7 980xEE?

I purchased a i7 980x EE, with 12Gb Ram to run the Prime 95 search. What settings do I use to maximally coordinate the CPU speed (of 3.33, without overclocking) with the 6 cores + 6 hyperthreading? On a 2 x 2.8GHz, the search for my test number [2^(72000000)-1] takes 75 days; on this i7 980x EE, it is taking 14.5 days. So either the cpu is working at 4.0GHz x 6 core or the cpu is working at 2.4GHz x 12 core. What can I do in the worktodo file management?
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  1. Hello eqks;
    When you turn off hyper-threading in BIOS settings what result do you get?
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