Laggy 5670 why??? i need tips

hello guys. i newly bought my POWERCOLOR PCS+ 5670 512mb my modernwarfare2 is soo lag full setting at 19 inch monitor sometimes it will lag sometime its not ... from 60 fps it drops down to 1 until it crash what should i do?? to get the average of 30 to 60fps at full setting.. but some of my games run's good at ultra setting except for modernwarfare2 ..... and another one i noticed that my CCC overdrive my memory clock is in 1000mhz is that normal???? i think it should be 4000mhz

here's my full specs

Pentium D 3.0ghz
2stick of corsair xms2 dhx (ddr2 800)
LCD monitor 19 inch
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  1. Hey there,

    I assume your CPU is the culprit.

    You may have to upgrade your mainboard and CPU to get good performance.

    Yes your memory clock is correct.
  2. Pentium D's are:
    A: Obsolete
    B: Slow
    C: Prone to overheating

    I blame the CPU on this one.
  3. I third the CPU as being the issue. Though I am curious is to what resolution you are playing at and also if you lower the settings does it improve or behave the same? What power supply do you have, and are your drivers and direct X completely updated?


  4. Although Modernwarfare isnt that cpu dependent none the less its still a pentium D. I would just make the investment in a dual or quad core.
  5. hmm i see maybe my cpu is causing my games laggy .... i play yesterday a splinter cell conviction on a very high settings x2 AA only but still so lag and it crash in a long game .... so i did is i set it into a low setting no AA but luckily the graphics looks a little bit the same to the high setting but there is still a little lag but the crash is still there in the long game .... but i guess the problem is on my cpu

    @3ball i have a 19inch monitor dunno the exact resolution its a 1366x784 something like that.. if i low the setting i can get a fast fps but not all of my games... actually i didn't update my driver into 10.6 CCC because there is still a bug on that driver like my dirt 2 there is nothing appear in my monitor but the sounds is in their
    and last my psu is CoolerMaster Extreme Power 500w ^_^

    but thanks for the post guys i thought no one will help me ^_^
  6. A Pentium D can barely maintain a single x1900xt much less a 6800gt. I suggest that you get at least a C2D that has at least a 2mb cache and nuke it to 3ghz.
  7. hehe yeah soon i will invest on a Quad core or C2D E7500 but do you think E7500 is pretty enough on a 19 inch monitor??? or go for quad core to over kill the game??
  8. i think this card is realy slow i didn't buy a new cpu but what i did is i put this to my cousin's pc i am expecting this kid will play the huge playground running on all corners but i didn't expect that he just play scissors, paper,rock only T_T ... he gave me a *** FPS T_T

    my cousin's spec

    Gigabyte P35(i forgot the exact model buts its a gaming board)
    core 2 duo E8400 3.0ghz
    G.skill Trident 4g ddr2 1066
    corsair 550w
    22inch monitor

    Games @ full war scene

    Bad company 2 1900x1080 full setting @9-27fps
    1900x1080 low setting @15-30fps
    1280x720 full setting @18-29fps
    1280x720 low setting @20-30fps

    Splinter cell Conviction
    1900x1080 high setting @12-24fps
    1900x1080 low setting @16-26fps
    1200x720 high setting @19-30fps
    1200x720 low setting @23-38fps

    the only game that gave me a best fps is counter strike source @ 92-114fps T_T
    this card is not good even in a 19inch monitor i think i will replace it a 250gts
    but any thank for some post
  9. Its not his CPU, he either has a corrupted file (driver) or a setting that needs to be changed . I used to play MW2 with a Pent D 2.8Ghz (DELL crapbox) paired with a 5750 + 19" and I would get around 100FPS with max detail. MW2 is not demanding at all, basically 5-6% more than MW1.

    Here is a thread that talks about MW2 + cheapo CPU :

    its not the CPU =)
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