Upgrading my pc dont know what to do

i bought a pc a month ago and the specs were

GPu: HD 5770 1gb

cpu: athlon ii x4 630

ram : 4gb

and i thought this would be perfect but it seems i where wrong cuz now when i play games like assassins creed i thought i should be able to max every video setting but when i do that i get 30-45 FPS and i dont like that so ive decided to upgrade my pc specs but the problem its i cant figure wich part in my pc is causing the low fps its the gpu or cpu cuz the ram is more than inf so im gonna change either cpu or gpu and my choice is ...

my hd 5770 for hd 5850

my athlon ii x4 630 for phenom ii x4 965 black edition

so wich of these changes is gona fix that cuz its realy difficult to change both

(cant really aford it )
but if the problem is about both gpu and cpu im gona change both so what you guys think? :sleep:
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  1. cheapest and easiest thing to do is to add a 2nd 5770 in Xfire. But since you didn't list your motherboard I don't know if your motherboard will bottleneck a 2nd GPU
  2. What resolution is your monitor? The higher the res the more pressure it puts on the GPU. If you are playing on settings lower than 1920 x 1080 then your card should not be the issue, but at 1920 x 1080 the 5770 can struggle at max settings.

    Although having said that, 30-45 FPS is pretty good. Anything above 30 is playable, ideally you want an average fps of about 40. Most monitors refresh rate is 60mhz, so anything beyond 60fps is irrelevant and anything between 30 and 60 is good
  3. thanks for replaying guys

    the resolution is 1366x768

    i cant add another 5770 my motherboard doesnt support that and replacing the MB and gettin another 5770 would cost more than gettin 5850 ...

    and i dont mind 30-45 fps but if assassins creed 1 is like that so how im i gonna play assassins creed 2 or crysis 2 or any games like that cuz if its gettin me to an fps like that at assassins creed 1 so its gonna be worse at the new games and thats the point i tryed to play gta iv and it was 100% un playble some people told me it was the ati havin problems with the game some ppl told me my specs are too low and others say win 7 is the cause but i really think its the specs that i have so wich of that two choices would fix my problem
  4. At that resolution the 5770 should be able to cream the game without issue. The 5770 should cope with pretty much everything until you reach 1920 x 1080. So I would say your card is fine.

    At that resolution I would suspect the CPU may be the problem.
  5. If your budget is tight, get a 955 and overclock it.
  6. Quote:
    Wow, is that one sentence?? :o

    If you got a 955, you wouldn't need to overclock it. Not with a 5770 or even a 5850/5870.

    are you saying 5770 cant do the job well ive seen people on you tube doin it with the same card i got but with phenom quad core cpu

    thats why i was confused my friend

    ( 5870 i think it can max every thing in all games thats released already im sure about that cause my friend has one and we tryed the top graphics games and it worked fine fps like 50-60 )

    and lol that was a one sentence :o
  7. I am thinking drivers/software problem or maybe go easy on AA/AF perhaps?
    @ an slightly more demanding res, the HD 5770 spanks the field shown here
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