SSD slowed after re-partition and Win7 reinstall

Hello, I have a Corsair Force GT 60 GB SSD.

When I first built my computer and installed the SSD, it ran very fast, it achieved a WEI score of like 7.8.
I had two partitions, C: for my OS and K: for added programs.

Eventually, due to some programs that force you to install on C, I ran out of room. So, I backed up K: on my HDD Z: and merged C: and K:.

After doing so, I had some problems with Explorer crashing, so I reinstalled Windows entirely. My SSD is currently all one single partition C:.

The paging file is on Z:. Same settings as before, only no more K:.

Now when I test my SSD speed, I get a rating of 5.9.

Here are my CrystalDiskMark scores:
Read / Write
Seq: 384.80 83.10
512k: 341.3 79.98
4k: 19.64 61.01
4k QD32: 61.53 77.21

Question is, did I ruin my SSD by re-partitioning it? Any ideas on what went wrong?

Remember, it used to run at max speed, so it has nothing to do with BIOS or being plugged into the wrong SATA port. I made no hardware changes.

Thanks very much for your input, this is bothering me and I can't find a similar situation online.
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  1. any input at all???? plz =(
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