Want to recover a thumb drive

This is my thumbdrive that windows won't recognize:

After close inspection of the thumbdrive I found that the connector part of the drive is slightly bent and rather flimsy, which tells me the connector part isn't connected to the rest of the drive. Therefore no connection to the drive's data. Which tells me I need to perhaps solder back the connector to the rest of the drive. My only problem is that I am not hundred percent sure about how to take apart the drive in the first place.

Anyone with this drive that can help?
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  1. Basically your screwed. Even soldering can be ineffective, i've seen maybe 2% of the 300+ drives come into our helpdesk recoverable with soldering. I would say before you mess it up anymore send it in to a data recovery service that has a higher percentage chance of recovering the data if its that important.
  2. Pry it apart, solder it yourself. Data centers are expensive. Once you get the data off it buy a new one.
  3. Anyone with the same thumb drive though?
  4. http://www.microcenter.com/site/content/instore-service-flash-data-recovery.aspx

    Oh my god $400 to recover a thumb drive! Jesus christ.
  5. The reason why data recovery is so expensive is because for a company to be a certified data recovery center you need to have Air tight rooms, Dust suits, essentially a vacuum because if any dust whatsoever gets inside of a spinning hard drive it could mean that it destroys the data.

    Flash drives are not that expensive to recover since that's only $400 compared to $5000 for data recovery on a spinning hard drive. It all depends on how much your data is worth and make sure in the future back it up on more than just a flash drive.
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