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Hi, I just purchased a Lenovo Y480. Still in the box. Also purchased Mushkin 128gig mSSD (Toshiba made). I plan on installing the mSSD into the chassis before even starting it up for the first time. The hardware part of the install is easy, but what I want to do thereafter is move the Windows7 home premium 64bit OS from the 750gig HDD to the new mSSD. I want to run the OS from the mSSD and use the HDD for storage. What is the step by step procedure to accomplish this? Thank you
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  1. "I plan on installing the mSSD into the chassis before even starting it up for the first time"

    I'm afraid that's not possible if you want to transfer your Windows installation on to the SSD, because you'll need to run some Windows-based "disk cloning" software to accomplish that. You'll first have to get the pre-installed Windows up and running from the hard drive, then put your SSD into an external hard drive enclosure, plug it into your laptop's USB port, install the cloning software and perform the disk-to-SSD clone. When that's done, swap the drives over.

    Five free cloning apps for Windows:
  2. Thanks for the info phil22, and that procedure certainly would make sense in a situation involving a normal SSD, but this is actually an mSSD. An mSSD is an internally mounted micro sort of SSD. It has a mini SATA slot about 2/3 the size of the actual SATA connection for the 2.5 inch drives. So, I don't have an adapter to mount the mSSD in order to externally operate it. You can't even see the mSSD in My Computer. The only way to see it is to open Intel RST app which apparently is using the mSSD for write cashing currently. Long and short of it is that I need to get the OS onto the mSSD while it is mounted in the chassis .
  3. Lynwoodl,

    Did you ever figure out how to do this? I was thinking of doing the same thing with an HP dv6t-7200. I was wondering what success people have had.

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