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I had been using the Nvidia 197.13 drivers and updated to the 197.45 whql drivers and noticed that my video card was running hot. Using Evga precision tool I was able to keep the temperatures down somewhat but it was getting to the point where while gaming the temps were hitting 100 Celsius and 70 at idle at 90 % fan speed. The box has adequate air flow and was never a problem before. I'm thinking the video card which is over a year old, might be about to take a crap on me. I had been thinking time to upgrade. New bigger case, sli mobo and maybe a Nvidia 260 or better when I tried the Forceware 257.21 driver from 3dguru and now I'm looking at temps of 56 Celsius idle at 60% fan speed and 74 degrees Celsius at load. Anyone else had this experience or similar?
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  1. Whoa!

    I've never heard of that or had that happen to me, but that's interesting nonetheless.
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