NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

Is NVIDIA GTS 250 better than NVIDIA GT230.

Please help me figure which one is better?

Thank you very much.
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  1. yeah.... gts 250 is better than gt230
    may be this will help you... :)
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    250 is better than a 230.

    To explain, the first number is model, like 2xx, or 4xx, or 9xxx.

    The other numbers dictate performance level (in a general manner of speaking).

    A GTX 285 is better than a GTS 250
    A GTX 480 is better than a GTX 470

    When looking between series, that's where it can get confusing.

    EX: Is a GTX 460 better than a GTX 285?

    That's when you want to look at stuff like benchmarks, total power draw, etc. Reviews can be looked at on many different sites, one being tomshardware. Other sites such as are pretty good reference tools as well.
  3. Yes GTS 250 is much faster than GT 230
  4. Thank you very much ALL, it is wonderful when there are people like you are out there to help when it is really needed.
  5. No problem,that's why we are here
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