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I recently got Comcast as my new internet provider and my download speeds and upload speeds have increased dramatically, up to 25mbps (3.1mb/s download) and up to 4.6mbps(575kb/s upload). However, this only works when a computer is directly connected to a modem. This is a problem as there are 2 desktops and 2 laptops in the house and at least 3 need wireless connections.

I found an old router to remedy this problem. It is a Netgear WGT624 v2 which is capable of running 108mbps, but all my wireless connections (1 gaming desktop, 2 laptops) receive 54mbps speeds only. The gaming desktop uses a compatible USB 108mpbs wireless adapter, Netgear WG111T, but it still reads as 54mbps, regardless of heavy transfers(which Netgear states should switch over to 108mpbs). Even, when an ethernet cable is attached from the router to my gaming desktop's motherboard(dual gigabit LAN ports), I'll see my download speeds vary from only 10-15mpbs(this is with only one computer on and no internet activities open), instead of the usual 23-25mpbs. Logic and testing has lead me to believe that the router is capped at 15mpbs and the other 10mpbs is lost through the router.

I'm considering buying a new N or G router that will support the 2 laptop's G connections and maybe a N wireless adapter for the gaming desktop(Win7x64Pro). I'm not planning to spend too much on this, so does anyone have recommendations on a router that will support the 25mpbs download speed? I have a local Fry's Electronics store(possible discount through a friend) and a Microcenter that I can visit, but I can also buy from Newegg.

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  1. Made same move last week from the WGT624v2 to Netgear's WNR3500L- $85 at Fry's... The 3700L dual band for $65 MORE didn't make sense because I dont want to buy any new adapters at this point.

    Made this move after switching from AT&T DSL Elite (7.0Mbps advertised/5.0 actual) to RoadRunner with Turbo boost (15Mbps+ advertised) for $5 more per mo- no brainer! After install with direct connection to new cable modem, would pull 22Mbps, run thru WGT524v2 & best test was 8Mbps... Pretty dissapointing to say the least.

    With no one supporting WRT for the 624, went looking for best deal & bought the 3500. Very happy with it right out of the box. Speed tests ran (on the 3500 thru on our wireless workstations and laptops average 18Mbps.

    The bonus for the 3500 is USB port for network storage, which works as described also with my older HDD enclosure holding a new Seagate SATA 500 mb drive. And the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports are being used on 2 of our workstations (Dell's with Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces) and are smokin fast!

    Fry's- MicroCenter? sounds like you might be in the Richardson-Plano-Allen area too! Fry's is great if you know exactly what you want when you go in, know about where to find it, and dont need any questions answered. MicroCenter is price competitive on most items, but if I need to talk to someone I will always go there first.

    Hope this helps if you havn't made a purchase yet.
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