Slow startup of win-7 logon screen

how to recure from slow starup of windoes logon screen.....can any one have solution for this problem...?
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  1. *Sigh*.... why are the majority of people who post dumb questions on Tom's are from India?
  2. @amk-aka-Phantom

    I think that is because THW is an English forum and there is a lot of people in India who speak English.


    Disable unnecessary start up program and process

    Defrag you HDD, I use Auslogic. Set the option to move system file to edge of platter.

    Make sure you HDD is not too full. Delete unused user files, uninstall unused program and Windows feature.

    Use hibernation or system standby.


    Upgrade to SSD.

    Upgrade the entire system.
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Slow Startup Windows 7