Dead Samsung Trinity HD, need help!


I have a defective drive Samsung HD642JJ rev A, 16M with controller board Trinity R006M rev05, BF41-00184B. See photo.

When powered up, the drive does absolutely nothing, no clicks, remains ice cold -> seemingly draws no power. There was no incident, it just failed at power-up. No visible traces of damage.

I already took following steps for diagnosis:
- Measured TVS and 0 ohm resistor, all OK
- Measured voltages at several points on the board. Both 5V and 12V are present
- Measured voltages at the DC/DC converter coils as explained by fzabkar. Voltages are way too low (only a fraction of a volt)

My conclusion is that the motor control chip (TI SH6125B) must be defective. However cannot find the pinout diagram of this chip, so I have no means to verify.

The TI chip has extremely tightly spaced pins. Replacing it requires specialized tools that I don't have. Also it may be another component that fails. Would it be better to swap the whole board?

Before ordering a replacement board I'd like to know if a board swap is sufficient.
Seems like most boards are unique to their drive. Anyone who knows about the Trinity boards?

Thanks in advance,

Picture of board:
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  1. There was a thread at HDD Guru where the culprit was in fact the motor controller IC. In that case the OP had access to smt rework equipment and was able to repair the PCB with a replacement IC.

    Your PCB does not appear to have a discrete serial flash memory IC. Instead it appears to be embedded inside the Marvell MCU. That said, I don't know whether the flash memory contains drive specific data. Some models do while others don't. At least that's what I infer from the following guides:

    You might like to ask donordrives for their opinion. In any case they offer a free "PCB adaptation service".
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