Recovery data after an erroneus format

Hi all,

I have a PC with 3 disks
re-installing the Windows 7, by mistake i formatted one of the secondaries.
The good news are it was a secondary drive so neither myself or the SO overwrite data since then, the bad i am not sure how to recover the data from that disk ... i do not exactly even know if i have to recover data o r rebuilt the MBR or ....
The disk is 1Tb western digital, which is the best solution to recover it?

Pls i need your help, some data are really important for me
Best regards
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  1. First question is... did you perform a quick format or a full format? If you are not sure... did the format take about 2 mins or about 2 hours? If you did a quick format then you might be able to use "Recuva" which is a free program. If you did a full format, I'm not sure if it will work.
  2. It was a quick format , less than a minute.

    Would be possible to recover he entire disk rebuilding the MBR instead of recovering file after file?
  3. Here is a link to a previous thread with a number of tools that have worked for members before. Most the responses so far look like someone selling a product, and will be removed.
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