GTX 280 issues?

i7-920 2.66 GHz 8M L3 Cache LGA1366
Asus P6T Deluxe Intel X58 Chipset
6GB (3x2GB) PC1333 DDR3 PC3 10666 Triple Channel Memory
750 W power supply, Corsair TX
Thermaltake FRIO Overclocking CPU Cooler
Windows 7 Pro

I have my CPU overclocked to 3.5 Ghz and when I try to benchmark with 3dmark vantage the screen will freezing between 12 to 25 seconds into the first video test. The computer just freeze and a I will see the last image on the monitor, I can leave it like this for hours and it will stay with that image. I have to reboot the computer manually in order to get back into windows 7. When I run a passmark performance test, the test is successful and nothing freezes. On a side note, I just installed Far Cry 2, and during the beginning of the game (when the guy is driving the car), it would freeze every 1 min or so, than I would hit CTR, ATL, DEL, and it would un freeze and keep going. This is weird I don't even know where to begin on trouble shooting it?

I have not changed any settings or overclocked my video card. GPU temp is between 50 and 59. What should I do?

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  1. Sounds like something is unstable... Are you sure your CPU overclock is stable? Did you run a stability test for 8+ hours?

    What are your CPU temps under load?
  2. No, I have not run a stability test for 8+, which one would you recommend? I downloaded the NVIDIA Ntune utility, and already got the blue screen 2 times just while navigating through the menus.
  3. Uhmm... Prime95 or OCCT will do just fine, Make sure you monitor your temps and keep them below 73C

    Also make sure your RAM isn't running out of its spec.
  4. K, I will run prime95, what do you exactly mean about the RAM? In the bios under AI tweaker should it be set at or below 1333?
  5. What is it rated for? If its rated for 1333 then its fine.
  6. well that completely depends on what RAM you have.
  7. I have Melco Ram (Buffalo Inc).
    3 slots with each slot 2048 Mbytes, DDR3 (PC-10700), 667 Mhz (DDR3 1333)
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    On a side note, have been running Prime95 V 26.1, build 1 for about 1:45 with 8 workers, so far no errors or faults, max core temp has been 74 C on core 2, rest are around 70.
  8. as far as I can tell your RAM is running at 1360 (680x2) With timings of 8-9-9-24, but I don't know what voltage, It should be 1.65V.

    Let us know how Prime95 goes. Your 1C over Intel's max safe limit, but I wouldn't worry to much about 1C.
  9. i think alot of mobo default at 1.5 volts, but to be honest the 1.65 which is the maximum for a core i7 processors, is what you should run it at, i'm pretty much i've never seen any memory that wasn't rated at 1.65 volts
  10. An update, while running Prime95, after about 3 hours, I came back home and my computer seemed like it was in hibernation or sleep mode. The only way to get back into windows was to reboot it, upon the first reboot, the computer did not post and I had to hold the power button for 5 seconds and try again. upon booting (loading), the computer defaulted to 2.67 Ghz and said (overclocking failed) and I was prompted to enter bios to change settings, the weird thing was that when Windows 7 Pro 64 BIT loaded Prime 95 was running (100 percent load) and all the programs such as real temp were loaded. Anyways, I made some changes to the setting and running at 3.81 Ghz now, here is a pic. Will try prime95 again and disable sleep mode. How do these setting look?

    thanks for the help...

  11. yeah settings seem ok, but your QPI seems high, you may be able to lower it and keep stability. Anyway try 8 Hours again, seems as though it failed last time.
  12. Oh just noticed you have a C0 chip, you may need more Vcore for 3.8Ghz.
  13. what do you think I should set QPI and Vcore values to? By vcore you mean CPU voltage?
  14. Try QPI at 1.355V and the Vcore (by which I mean CPU Voltage) to 1.26xxxxV I think that will be ok considering it lasted a few hours before.
  15. The system has is stable under Prime95 with those settings, however, it did not resolve my issue. Tried to play Far Cry 2, and once the video at the beginning of the game started, the computer froze and I had to reboot it manually. I than changed my BIOS settings to default, back down to 2.67 Ghz, and tried to run NVIDIA monitor and as soon as I clicked on the application to open I got the blue screen of death "system_service_exception". I went to event viewer and at the time of the BSOD I had a Kernel-Power, Event ID 41, task category (63). Is it the video card? I don't know why when I try to open the NVIDIA utility the system crashes and when I try to play far cry or run the 3D Mark the system freezes? But when I run a Passmark performance test and prime95 the system is fine.
  16. Well atleast we've narrowed it down, we know almost certainly that its not your CPU, or memory.
  17. Well atleast we've narrowed it down, we know almost certainly that its not your CPU, or memory.
  18. Wow double post, this will be a triple (to many beers)

    So uhm... possibly a faulty card... have you got another card to test in your system?
  19. Yes, I do, I have an Nvidia 6 series that I am gonna try out later today.
  20. ok well let us know how you get on.
  21. if it boot and run a the game, ( probably will be a slideshow) but still then it's for certain the card, what video card do you have, i've been looking at post and i don't see it anywhere, but you may want to see if you can get stability by potentially underclocking your card to see if that helps, obviously that wouldn't be a long term solution but just to see if it is instability in the gpu
  22. wow...nvm read the title of the thread and now i feel pretty dumb
  23. Rustyy117 said:
    ok well let us know how you get on.

    I installed an Geforce 6800 Video Card and I tried to run 3DMark Vantage but the Geforce 6800 does not support direct x 10. I than played Far Cry 2 and even thought the graphics sucked compared to the GTX 280 the computer or video did not freeze up. I talked to EVGA and unfortunately the video card is not under warranty anymore so that sucks, they recommended I try to run the video card in another computer and see what happens.
  24. Most likely that's the problem if it doesn't wok in another computer hen undclocking may be a serious Option since you have an evga you can use there persuasion tool if you registered to adjust the clock speeds to try and find some stabilty
  25. I will have to try it than in my friends computer and see what happens. It's unfortunate that there is no warranty, I got the GTX 280 in Dec 2008, it has not even been 2 years yet and there is no warranty on it anymore. I guess I can try under-clocking it and see what happens.
  26. Well maybe its not the card, it could be the PSU (most likely not), but you won't find out until you test it in your friends PC.
  27. Perhaps, but the PSU is relatively new and a decent one. It's weird, I ran a 6 hour stability test using the NVIDIA Control Panel and there were no errors. Flight Simulator X works fine. Far Cry 2 worked ok the first time, than I made all the setting VERY HI and while the video was playing you could see black flashes in the sky every couple of secs and eventually it froze, pressed CRT, ALT,DEL and than it unfroze, and did it again. 3DMark it freezez at about 8 seconds. What other stability test can I do to test the Video Card?
  28. OCCT sortware have a stability test for graphics cards, Or you could use furmark. Be sure to monitor your temps.
  29. that could definitely be a possibility if you use v-scyn as your card could be overheating too, since it's older it could be dusty, and it's on the older manufacturing process so it could heat up quite a bit, i personally have a 275, and it can get cooking, and it's on the 55nm instead your 65nm
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