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Hey guys,
I'm looking to get a 128 GB SSD, but I'm not sure which make or model to go for. I'm looking for something 50/50%, price & quality.

I'm looking to get i5 3570k, KINGSTON HX Predator,DDR3, 2400MHz, 8GB(2x 4G) and Mainboard MSI Z77A-GD65, Socket H2(1155). So, basicly I'm looking SSD to match with it. Any other suggestions on other components are welcome aswell.
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  1. They are all quite honestly becoming a steal at this point! Right now is a good time to get a Samsung 830 as the 840 series has just been introduced so they are trying to liquidate the old stock. Same thing with the Plextor M3/M3 pro as the M5 series is now available, both are excellent as well as the Crucial M4 (which might be the cheapest of this bunch now but is still a very strong and reliable performer!). Really you can't lose with any of the above.
  2. As dominyon said. I have an M4 but the prices for 128GB from most other manufacturers are also very attractive.
    If needed, make sure you add in a 1-2TB HDD for your data storage (and secondary installations). Only put your OS + your most frequently used programs + games on the SSD.
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