Upgrading from a 4850 with a 450W PSU

I'm considering a 5770, 5830, or a 5850 to replace my 4850. Will my PSU (a Fortron Source FSP450-60APN) be able to safely handle those cards?

I also looked at ATI's system requirements, and they mention needing two 75W 6-pin PCI-E connectors for the 5830 and 5850. I looked inside the case and found two of them, but neither are plugged in, which is confusing.

The specifications for the PSU are:
+3.3V - 24A
+5V - 15A
+12V1 - 18A
+12V2 - 18A
-12V - 0.3A
+5Vsb - 2.5A
(3.3V+5V)=120W max
(12V1+12V2)=360W max
(this is adds up to 480W, which is also confusing)
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  1. Going to need a stronger unit for the 58xx series, the 5770 would work but wont be much of an upgrade, its a bit weaker than the 4870 so its not going to be a very significant upgrade from a 4850.
  2. you should be ok with the 5770

    the 6pin is not connected to your 4850?
  3. Well the 5770 uses less power than the 4850, so that will be fine. As for the 5830, it uses even more than the 5850.. I think the 5850 uses a bit more than the 4850, so I'd do some research before trying it.
  4. he actually has 30a on his 12v, that can run the 5850.

    but i have no clue about Fortron PSU, they may be good and they may be crap. Anyone have any experience with them?

    *they are made by FSP who also make antec(good) OCZ (solid) , gigabyte (pass) among many other PSU.
  5. I've had difficulty finding information about my PSU. Two people here seem to be familiar though, and their comments are quite positive.

    ct1615 said:
    you should be ok with the 5770

    the 6pin is not connected to your 4850?

    No, it's not. There isn't even anywhere to plug it in. My 4850 looks different from, say, this one: http://www.legitreviews.com/images/reviews/730/sapphire_radeon4850_power.jpg
  6. Actually 5850 has about the same power draw as 4850
    It sounds little weird though that your 4850 doesnt have a 6-pin power connector, r u sure its 4850, not a 4650? Can u post manufacturer and exact model number of your card? 4850 must have a 6-pin
  7. To be honest, I don't really know which manufacturer it is and I'm not sure about the model number either. Here's a picture of the card I have.
    And here's a GPU-Z screenshot. I'm pretty sure it's a 4850 given its performance in all the games I play.
    I'd assume that all the power for the card comes straight from the motherboard.
  8. FSP is decent, but older and probably not particularly efficient. Check the label, that may be one of the ones that, by name, looks like it is 50W more powerful than its CONTINUOUS rating, which would therefor be 400W on that one.
    Fortunately, a HD5770 will run just fine on a decent 400W PSU; you have enough +12V amps for it. You could probably run a HD5850, but you'd be running a lot closer to max on the PSU while gaming, and considering its age (capacitor aging in particular), you might end up hastening its death; I wouldn't do it for long.
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