Motherboard clicking?

Hello there, my Compaq c504us laptop has been broken for awhile. Every time i plug it in the lights all go crazy and if i have the battery in the fan and screen will pop on for a second and then stay off.

i decided to open it up today and see if anything was noticeable. i didn't see anything very obvious wrong, but there is a clicking sound, i think i found what's making the sound, i just don't know what is is, maybe someone here might know.

The thing that is popping/clicking sound looks like a black square with 2 corners cut off on opposite sides from each other and it has 4r7 bj2 printed on top of it, its located right behind the ram slots. the motherboard number is 441696-001 if anyone needs it. So anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Popping/ clicking usually indicates a bad hard drive.
  2. Thanks for the reply :) but the hard drive isn't the problem. The popping noise, or a sort of stun gun type of sound happens no matter whats plugged into the motherboard. I believe the problem is electrical since that would explain why the lights go crazy as soon as its plugged in.

    Ill post a picture so you can see what part I'm talking about, you should be able to see the thing that has 4r7 bj2 printed on top of it on the picture below. That is what i believe to be the culprit, I'm sure its the source of the popping. So anyone have an idea what that thing is? and would it being broken cause my laptop to be act the way it does? Thanks in advance :)

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