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Hi, I have recently moved to a new MOBO. And my temps are really worrying me. I have a AMD Athlon II X4 @2.6GHZ Propus.

I have used Speed Fan and CPU-Z Hardware monitor to check my temps.

CPU 1: 29C
CPU 2: 36C
CPU 3: 78C
Core : 31C

I thought that maybe I didn't apply the thermal paste correctly. So I took it off to check, and the whole CPU was covered evenly. I even cleaned the previous compound off thoroughly with alcohol and cotton balls. I made sure this time that the whole CPU was covered evenly with compound. After cleaning it off really well I put a pea sized blob in the middle and put latex gloves on and spread it evenly. And the 1 high temp still persist. I just dont understand.... If it was a thermal compound issue... then shouldnt all the temps be high? I have ran out of possible explanations and I need answers to fix this problem. Please help me guys.
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  1. It could be just a bad sensor. Does the temp on C3 move? When you stress C3, what happens to the reported temp?
  2. I was playing Arma 2 just to check the temps. And the 78C Temp never budged. Whereas my other ones did go up.
  3. Looks stuck. Let's prove it's at least non-working. Download Prime95 and run it, carefully watching temps increase (CPUID Hardware Monitor) on all cores. Don't let things get out of hand, which means you'll be watching it for at least 30 minutes.

    In any case, make sure your BIOS has enabled heat-related warnings or auto-shut-down.
  4. Sorry I hopped off last night, had to go to bed for school.

    I just downloaded it and running strest test now.
  5. Just out if interest are you using the stock HSF unit? I only ask because the stock unit comes with a pre-applied TIM and you mention applying thermal paste etc. This issue could also be caused by the HSF not being attached evenly. This is more common on Intel stock HSF, since it's hard not to get it even with the AMD 'locking-arm' mechanism. If you are using an aftermarket cooler then it may be worth just checking to ensure it is evenly and securely attached.

    That being said, I agree with Twoboxer that if the temps don't rise or fall then it's likely the sensor is stuck and there's not an awful lot you can do about this.
  6. I am using the stock HSF with the AM3 MOBO. So it does have the 'locking arm' mechanism. So.... most likely the sensor is just stuck? I thought this myself. But when I boot up my PC the first thing I have that pops up is HW Monitor, and the readout on my CPU3 is 77C, then like 3 seconds later it goes to 78C and never moves. I'm still running the Prime95 and my Core hasnt been above 50C.
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    Definitely looks like a faulty sensor in that case. I wouldn't worry too much unless it's causing problems. I had a faulty sensor on my old system but it measured my temp a lot higher and I had issues with random shutdowns due to thermal cut-outs so it could be worse ;) The other three cores give you a fairly good indication of your actual temps so you can still monitor them effectively.
  8. Okay good. This is worrying me as this is my first MOBO swap. Thanks a lot guys, this has definitely made me feel tons better about this. Just out of curiosity, I might even need to move to another forum topic, but do you think I have much room for overclocking? If I do OC would I need a new HSF?

    Edit:: I really would like to OC it to atleast 2.8, or possible 3GHZ.
  9. The only thing with overclocking with a faulty sensor is obviously that your one core is being detected at a far higher temperature than it actually is. This is fine if it is stuck and doesn't move but obviously if it does increase, you're going to hit your thermal limit much sooner than you normally would. Just keep an eye on it. A new HSF unit is recommended for overclocking, particularly if you want to push things a bit. The Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is one of the most popular coolers recommended on these forums and offers good performance for the price.
  10. Would that fit on a AM3 (938) Socket? I know that I'm probably asking really nooby questions, lol. But I'm not confident in my Installing Hardware abilities quite yet, and really don't want to mess my system up, as this is my first 'decent' gaming rig.
  11. Lol not at all, yes the CM 212+ will fit the AM3 socket no problem. I actually think it's universal and will fit any socket. It uses a mounting bracket which is fixed to the back of the motherboard. You may have to remove your motherboard to install this however - some more modern cases have a hole in the motherboard tray so you don't have to remove it but others don't, you'll have to see.

    I've also found this guide on installing the CM 212+ which seems to be pretty complete:
  12. Okay, thanks a lot. I'm heading to NewEgg now to purchase :). Once I seen the 30$ price I couldn't pass it up. I thank both of you, you have both been extremely helpful. I wish I could send you cookies, unfortunately I do not know how to bake.... So, I guess a Best Answer will have to do for now.
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