Need advice for buying a SSD drive to purchase

whats the best one to buy in a range of 100 dollars and 120 gb.
i found intel SSD 330 model is that good or not please give me your oppinion about that one and if there is anyone better.
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  1. i also got another option which is adata sp900 128gb how about that too?
  2. Best is te curcial M4 or Samsung 830 a 128 gig sata III SSD and both are rifgt around $100 ON Sale (which happens often at newegg).
    The plextor M3/M4 is in the same ballpark but generally slightly higher in price.
    All three are nearly Identical in peal life performance - BUT there Biggest advantage is that they Have a better Lower) user problems.

    I have Both the M4 (laptop) and the 830 (desktop) along with about 7 other SSDs.
  3. actualy i have only 2 options now either Adata sp900 or the intel 330 what do u recommend between those two ?
  4. intel 330 as it is more reliable.
    However, Myself I'd wait and catch the M4 or 830 on sale. Samsung has come out with an 840 so sellers may try offloading the 830 at bargain prices.
  5. Samsung 830:
    I can't confirm that the Intel 330 is more reliable, but even if that is so the Samsung 830 is still very reliable and better than most other SSD's.

    Unless you can confirm that the Intel 330 is more reliable AND similarly priced get the Samsung 830.

    I usually recommend a setup like this:
    a) 128GB Samsung 830 (about $100) for Windows/apps
    b) Hard Drive for:
    - Image Backup of the SSD (Windows drive)
    - Downloads
    - Steam game folder

    I use Acronis True Image, but WD and Seagate both have a free version available so you can make a backup IMAGE of your Windows drive. Use the HIGHEST compression settings to save space, or second highest with a slower CPU.
  6. in my country i cant get samsung 120 gb its very rare here only intel and adata,adata is faster in read and write and adata/intel are the only one that can fit my budget so pls tell me which one should i choose
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    I have used Adata memory for years and their reliability has been okay, but not great. I can't say if that translates to their SSDs though. I haven't heard much about them either. I use a Crucial m4 and it's very reliable. I am switching to Samsung 830s though as they are cheap now that the 840s are coming out and very reliable. Intel is the choice I would make if I had to pick of the two though (Adata or Intel).
  8. Between Intel and Adat, I'd go for the Intel.
    As to performance, You may see difference in benchmarks - BUT in the More important Real-Life day to day usage you will NOT see a nickels worth of difference.
  9. will try to find Samsung all the people say its the best if not samsung i will go for intel
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