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CPUTIN too high?


I have weird CPUTIN readings from HWMonitor. It actually maxed out at 100C(211F). Though I did not notice it when it was at that value. The only program open at the time was Firefox while I was surfing the net.

Some details:

Mobo: Asus P5KPL-AM SE BIOS 702
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 (No OC) w/ stock HSF
Win XP SP3

Is this a glitch or should I be worried? I've noticed this happens while I'm browsing with FF, but not always. It seems to be random.

Here's a screenshot:

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  1. What is it normally? Like 40C, and only spikes w/FF? Then I vote glitch.
  2. Try running prime95 and see what it hits with that.
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    It's a HW monitor glitch. I sometimes get random temps ranging from the negatives to 100+'C.

    The only thing you should be worried about are the core temps. Your core temps max out at 45'C and 40'C, so you're totally fine.
  4. My Atom's is measured at 124! Would you believe that?

    I agree with Bluescreendeath, most likely a glitch.
  5. When 4 people agrees on 1 thing, it's most likely correct. The other 3 members are more experienced than I am, which means their competence is undoubted. I believe you've got the answer to your question then. ;)
  6. Actually, it even maxed out to 100C when I left it to idle. Thanks for this.
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