Help!! Having a "no signal" issue which I have linked to RAM

I have been having an issue lately with hardware in my comp. my motherboard (the crosshair 3 formula) seems to not like my 8 gigs of ddr3 ram anymore. Essentially what happens when I plug all 4 sticks in the motherboard the monitor reads something to the effect of "no signal detected"… which is interesting because i have always been able to use my 8 gigs of ddr 3. Making the situation more confusing is the fact that slot 1 and 3 work and are both is colored different, and I assume that to mean are part of a different circuit.

I know the ram is not bad because I have checked all sticks of Ram in 1 and 3 and they all work (the PC boots Fine). Furthering the issue, today after reformatting I figured I would pop the other two back in and to my surprise the computer booted up well, I used it then shut it down. 10 mins. ago when I turned it back on, the no signal issue began again. Once again I tried a number of things such as re seating the ram and video card etc. I dont think that is the issue since I am in fact using the computer as I type this. Pretty frustrating using only half of my ram.... anyone have any ideas? I think my mobo is about to go bye bye…

Thanks for your time guys and girls.
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  1. GOT IT. So apparently the Crosshair 3 has a memory issue in its design where sometimes the board quits detecting the memory. they built a button in on the Mobo called the "MemOK!" button, you press the MemOK! button and it resets the parameters to factory settings. So what I have learned is that by pressing the MEMOK! button, everything will be OK. : )

    The other really neat feature ASUS incorporates on their ROG motherboards is MemOK! Diagnosing memory compatibility issues can be extremely tricky at times because in some cases the motherboard fails to display a video signal, leading some users to suspect they have a faulty graphics card or motherboard, even though it’s simply a case of the motherboard not properly recognizing the memory modules. his leads many users to prematurely return their graphics card or motherboard, even though that isn’t the culprit.

    To help resolve this issue, ASUS has come up with MemOK! ASUS refers to MemOK! as a “memory rescue tool”. Simply push the MemOK! button on the motherboard and the technology automatically determines the failsafe memory settings needed to boot the motherboard."
  2. Anyone with a crosshair 3 formula having some pretty incredible instability issues? everything is crashing constantly. and I cannot figure out why... Is there any programs I can use to run a full scan of my comp to determine the issue?
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