Wan address different than the default gateway address

first off, thanks off reading and an help you might be able to offer here is the problem i got a TRENDNET wireless router connected to an Iburst wireless modem so i configured the router with the PPPOE connection for the use of my Iburst modem every thing have been setup properly but i m not able to access the internet when the Iburst is connected to the router while i m able to have internet access when it s connected directly to the PC then i checked the wan configuration and i notice that the IP address that had been automatically assigned to the wan interface is not in the same network than the default getaway
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  1. By any chance is this Iburst wireless modem also a router (i.e., combined modem + router), or strictly a modem?

    Generate two ipconfig dumps, one when the PC is connected directly to the modem (and working), the other when the PC is connected to the router and which in turn is connected to the modem (and not working), and post each one here (be sure to indicate which is which).

    To generate an ipconfig dump, go to Start->Run, type "cmd" (no quotes), and hit enter. In the command window, type "ipconfig /all" (no quotes).
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