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Building a new machine with 1TB moving drive, and considering adding an SSD to use exclusively for OS and programs to increase speed. Have read several reviews on SSD drives from various manufacturers, and many folks have experienced problems with SSDs crashing after only a month or 2, plus other problems. Concerned with dependability of SSD drives. Should I be? Suggestions of brands / models to buy or avoid? Thanks
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    Hi Sam, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    SSD's are in the process of "developing engineering wise" so they are not presently as reliable as HDDs, but they are pretty good. HDD's as we know them have been around several decades.

    That said, they are amazingly fast.

    My personal recommendations are to stay away from OCZ SSDs, until they can regain their reputation and SSD stability from the Vertex 3 fiasco, and financially become stable or purchased by another larger drive maker.

    The Samsung 830 drives have been quite reliable, and although the 840's have just been released, they need time to prove themselves on the market.
    MaximumPC has the Samsung 830 on their "best of the best" list.

    So, some food for thought. Most folks with new builds are using SSD for their boot drive
  2. You take a risk with any drive you install. SSDs are an outstanding upgrade for any box. Backing up your system wouldn't hurt though regardless of whichever you choose.

    I installed one in my laptop when I re-installed my OS recently, it really makes a noticeable difference. The prices are getting better. You might be unlucky and get a bad one, that's possible. You might want to consider a hybrid.
  3. I also think that Samsung is the way to go. I own a Crucial M4 SSD and haven't had a single issue with it in several months. Compared to the Samsung though, it's slower. Although I am in the R and D phase, I will be using Samsung in future builds for my workstation customers starting with the 830 and then moving to the 840. I say go for it.
  4. I personally believe that they are currently almost as reliable as hdd.
  5. The Samsung 830 is a great choice like stated above.
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