GTX 295 replacement thermal pad help.

I have recently re-applied the thermal paste on my GTX 295 with OCZ for better temps. During the process, when going out to get a water bottle my little cousin looks at the stock thermal pads and thinks its play dough so he takes all the stuff off the GPU and rolls it in a ball. :fou:

I lost about a quarter of the stuff and put it back on the card in thinner layers. I put it back in and started up the computer and all works well, but now my card runs even hotter...(literally idle at 85 C) :sweat:

My questions are:
1. was that a good idea to reapply the thermal pads even though they have been messed with and who knows what else done to them..
2. Is there any way i can get that type of thermal pad back? and if not I don't know what thermal pads would be equivalent to replace those (still learning)...

what do you guys recommend?

Thanks for reading
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  1. One little tip keep younger siblings and less experienced family /friends away from your gear. You can buy thermal pads on places like newegg and eBay but get the thick gooey pads and not the think tap that is being pushed on the market.
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