Most energy efficient overclockable GPU??

i'm asking the chip series, then i'll narrow it down to which manufacturer i can get it from.
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  1. i mean, video card manufacturer...
  2. erm, what sort of tasks do you need it for? and what reoslution? budget?

    need more info.
  3. i don't wanna put price into consideration just yet... but maybe a max of $300?? it'll mostly be for gaming and experimentations for gpgpu
  4. so you'll want an ATI 5 series card then. much more energy effiecient than the Nv counterparts.

    powerful, efficient and very OCable. should suit your needs.
  5. You should at least get 900mhz core clock stable on that without too much voltage increase. 1000mhz might be out of reach since it isn't a 5870 but it may still be able to do it.
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