I need a case suggestion...

Yo again peeps!

ok i've been all over this forum over the past couple of months and have been using all your help to design the build i want.

At this point I'm making a Water cooled build with two loops, one graphics (rad 5850) and one for everything else. Each one will have a double 120mm rad.

i need case that will let me internally mount the radiators though!

doe anyone know of cheap cases (>$120) that will let me mount 4 120,s in the side, or a 2 on the side and one on the top? or anything else that wil work for me?

Thanks much peeps!
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  1. Coolermaster Dominator II I think will manage it.

    Otherwise the cases you're looking at are out of your price range, otherwise I'd recommend the Corsair Obsidian 800 or 700 and Silverstone Temjin TJ07.
  2. Well this might not be what you're looking for but the NZXT Lexa S comes with 4 fans (3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm) and room for another 140/120mm

    I think that's sufficient and it's only 63 bucks with shipping but yeah

    Might wanna look at the BitFenix Colossus, has like 2 x 230mm fans and stuff... o.o
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