Cheap Rig

Hey guys, I need some help on this rig since this is the first one I've ever done.

I mostly play WoW

I need to know if everything is okay and if I picked the right stuff to work together

Also any suggestions to keep the price around $550 to speed it up would be appreciated!

Here's a picture of the shopping cart


Triple core Processor, It may unlock to a Quad core, AM3

250gb Hard drive

AM3 Motherboard, supports DDR3 and has 2 PCI-E x16 slots, in future may want to Crossfire, Does this support 1600 RAM? in the comments people say it does.

Radeon HD 4870 1gb DDR5 256bit

600w power supply (just in case, it was cheap lol)

4gb ddr3 1600 Memory (ugly but cheap)

Total- $536 -50 with mail in rebates w/o shipping
Total W/ shipping- $551 -50 with mail in rebates
Mail in Rebates- $50

Grand total- $501
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  1. That's a decent budget build, the only question I had is why the DX 10 video card. I know that's all you need for WOW, but there just may be a DX 11 game you may want to play in the near future. I would recommend a HD 5770 or a GTX 460 whichever you prefer. also for the money, look for some CAS latency 7 (CL7) DDR3 1600 RAM, it isn't that much more expensive (minus the MIR, which I have had terrible luck with).
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