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I have an OCZ Agility 3 60GB ssd and a ep45-ud3l GIGABYTE motherboard (only has sata2). This isn't my main computer so i don't really care about the raw read and write speeds but I want it to start up fast. My question is that I'm getting about 50second start up time with this ssd isn't that very slow for an ssd? On my newer rig with my Samsung 128GB ssd and sata3 I start up in about 20seconds. Is a lower end ssd and sata2 really more then doubling my start up times?

Edit I will put in some benchmarks if that helps anyone.

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  1. No, you probably either have additional motherboard controllers or too many services slowing the startup. Check your bios and turn off any unused controllers (like the JMicron), and check to see how many non-essential services are on automatic startup that can be set to manual or delayed startup.
  2. what's the time difference after POST for each machine?

    My machine used to be 30 seconds from button press to desktop, but then I needed to enable more controllers on the mobo. it's still like 10-15 seconds from post to desktop, but POST takes a good 20-30 seconds now easily.
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